One of the most versatile artists you’ll come across in music, MISY is a limitless, powerful figure. Spanning genres, styles, and influences, MISY creates a unique sound with alternative, pop, soul, and even hip hop flare. A California girl at heart, she is a self-proclaimed “hippie soul with an edge,” sharing emotional, honest musical pieces that she hopes will connect with you.

Having opened for prominent pop acts like Tyler Ward, Maroon 5 and the Jonas Brothers, MISY is an incredible live performer who effortlessly showcases her wide vocal range and strong musicianship abilities. Starting in musical theatre at a young age, she was invited to attend the Musical Theatre University at age 13 (founded by David Green) where she was trained in improv, acting, dancing, and singing. There, she got the opportunity to be in a Stephen Schwartz Showcase (Wicked, Godspell, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Enchanted) alongside Broadway stars. Perhaps if she hadn’t fallen in love with songwriting, she would have gone on to Broadway. 


Instead, life lead her to Nashville, TN after high school to begin a career in music. She began playing out regularly and quickly secured weekly spots downtown while also co-writing with other artists. Her first songwriter cut, “Maroon 5” by Spencer Jordan, is up to 600,000 Spotify streams and her second cut, “Never Was” by Tyler Rayn, is at 40,000 streams (released in 2021). During the worldwide 2020 pandemic, MISY released 13 songs, 9 of which she co-produced with her engineer and production partner, Bradley Carter. As she dives deeper into the production world, she strives to be in the wave of women producers of the future. 


Aside from music, MISY is passionate about art, animals, and humanitarian efforts. She was involved with the Special Olympics when she lived in Southern California, where she even got to provide entertainment. Climate change and preserving our Earth are important to her, and she was the girl that went to the beach by herself just to pick up trash. In Nashville, she regularly volunteers at the Nashville Humane Association where she cares for animals needing adopting. She also volunteers to feed the homeless and strongly advocates for mental health and body positivity. MISY hopes to not only connect with you through her music, but to actively change to world through all of the work she’s doing.